Gallina Mario, logo prosciutto di Parma Gallina Mario spa  Gallina Mario spa
Sweet and fragrant.

These are the qualities that
mainly characterize our products.
The meat comes from porks thighs
from Mantua (Italy)
and undergoes a natural process,
developed by the founder Mario Gallina
more than 50 years ago and perfected
by the current management team
(2nd and 3rd generation)
lead by Alcide Gallina.
Our point of strenght is
the strategic position of the plant:
at an elevation of 720 metres
and in the heart of the Parmesan
Apennines, the products acquire
those features that make them
appreciated in Italy and abroad.

Strada Massese, 300 - I-43020 Lagrimone - Parma
tel +39 0521 866938 - fax +39 0521 866201